Wednesday, 28 November 2012


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With the wedding season starting here in India, its time again to deck up in all blingy jewels and heavy attires, high heels to heavy make-up. A big fat Indian wedding is full of beautiful women clad in rich traditional clothes and off course the opulent set-up pandaals, to the most yummy food in variety and quantity enough to feed a small nation.
Here on Style-Theory we will be chalking out everything from jewellery to attire so that you look your stunning best at the next wedding that you attend.
This is part-1 of this wedding season series and will have a detailed know-how of jewellery that you ought to know.

Indian jewellery is rich with opulent designs made in gold; silver; kundan; diamond; stones such as rubies, emarald, sapphires; pearls etc. Their is an ornament for every body part from maangtikkas, nose-pins/rings, earings, necklace, armlets(baju-bandh), bangles, cuff, kada,bracelets, rings,haath-phool, waist band(kamar-bandh), anklets to toe rings. Now jewels are also available that adorn your hair.
Have a look at some contemporary and chic accessories for this wedding season.

ARMLETS - Also called as Baju-bandhs, this is worn on your arms and looks stuuning when worn with short or sleeveless clothes.

WAISTBAND - Known as kamar-bandh in hindi, this is worn over saris usually to accentuate the waist.Thin ones look elegant while heavy ones look traditional.

MAANG TIKA - Worn on the forehead in between the parting of your hair. This piece of jewel looks min-blowing with traditional attires such as lehengas.

CUFF -  Instead of going for kadas or N number of thin bangles, opt for a statement cuff for a no-fuss yet traditional look.

HAATH-PHOOL -  Haathphool is an ornament that is adorned on your wring and wrist. The ring and the bracelet are attached with a string that sits on the back of your hand.

TOE-RING -  usually worn by married women in India, this sets pretty on the toes and accentuates your feet as well as footwear.

STATEMENT RINGS/NECKPIECE/EARRINGS - These are called statement because of their opulent design. But caution must be taken that the statement neckpiece and earrings should never be worn together.It makes for a clumsy and over-the-top look.
statement ring(via)
                                                                 statement earrings(via)

statement necklace (via)

HAIR ACCESSORIES- Jewels here not only adorns your body, but also your hair. Parandis are a staple of Punjab and are a must have if you want to channel a Punjabi gal look. Embellished hair pins in gold are also available and are popular down south.


Next post will be on the attire. Stay tuned

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Monday, 26 November 2012


Hey everyone!

Go different this wedding season by keeping your expensive, intricately designed gold/kundan/diamond jewellery and instead opt for the inexpensive, light, fresh and uber stylish floral jewellery. These are a statement in themselves and lets you stand out in the crowd.
These type of jewellery are perfect if you are attending a day-time function. This can be worn on functions such as haldi and mehendi when you want a no-fuss jewellery(Aishwarya Rai too opted for floral jewellery at her mehendi ceremony.). This is becoming a fad among the brides. Although it is not restricted to brides, this unique statement jewellery can be worn by anyone.
These are available in a wide range from necklaces, earings, haath-phool, baju-bandh(armlet), bracelet, kamar-bandh(waistband), anklet etc.


So gals go floral this wedding season!!

Essentials for thrift shopping

1. COMFORT CLOTHES: Always wear comfortable clothes while going thrift shopping.

2. COMFORT FOOTWEAR: While going shopping, you will be walking a lot. Being on your feet the whole day with uncomfy footwear can be a mess, so opt for the most comfortable flat shoes that you own.


3. SUNSCREEN: Sunscreen will be your savior from the harsh rays of the sun. To avoid skin damage loath yourself with generous amount of sunscreen.

4. A BIG BAG: While thrift shopping, carry large tote bags in which you could just put in everything you buy and save yourself from the embarresment of carrying those tacky plastic bags.


5.SHOPPING LIST: Make a list of the item you require and include some basic clothes too that can be utilized in more than one way.

6. BUDGET: Decide a budget for yourself and then keep some cash aside

7. SUNGLASSES: These are essential when you are out in the sun to save your eyes from the harsh rays while looking uber cool.


8. WATER BOTTLE:A bottle of water is your ultimate companion while you are thrift shopping on the roads. No matter what the season is, carry a small water bottle always.


9. CASH: Carry your cash in multiple denominations. Smaller denominations would help you stick to your budget.

10. BARGAINING SKILLS: You gotta be born with it. If you are not a good bargainer, then go with best bargainer friend(or your mom because moms are really good at bargaining) along.

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Saturday, 10 November 2012


So are you prepared for the Diwali parties coming up !! Channel this look for the card party to turn several heads!
                                        |Top,Jeans, Heels,Clutch- Zara|Statement ring- F21|Watch-Guess|

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hola world!!
Today the product that is being reviewed is the am-hazz-ing- maybelline Baby oye lip colors.
This product comes in 4 flavours. I bought the cherry kiss flavour.
                              Packaging: The packaging is GOOD. Love the color of the stick.

1. Super moisturizing.
2. Gives a soft pink color on the lips.
3. Smells great.
4. Easy to apply.

You would want to eat your lips because of the yum smell. And that  would mean applying it again and again.

My Rating: 4.5/5
Recommendation: YES YES YES.

Will surely buy this product again!!

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