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With the wedding season starting here in India, its time again to deck up in all blingy jewels and heavy attires, high heels to heavy make-up. A big fat Indian wedding is full of beautiful women clad in rich traditional clothes and off course the opulent set-up pandaals, to the most yummy food in variety and quantity enough to feed a small nation.
Here on Style-Theory we will be chalking out everything from jewellery to attire so that you look your stunning best at the next wedding that you attend.
This is part-1 of this wedding season series and will have a detailed know-how of jewellery that you ought to know.

Indian jewellery is rich with opulent designs made in gold; silver; kundan; diamond; stones such as rubies, emarald, sapphires; pearls etc. Their is an ornament for every body part from maangtikkas, nose-pins/rings, earings, necklace, armlets(baju-bandh), bangles, cuff, kada,bracelets, rings,haath-phool, waist band(kamar-bandh), anklets to toe rings. Now jewels are also available that adorn your hair.
Have a look at some contemporary and chic accessories for this wedding season.

ARMLETS - Also called as Baju-bandhs, this is worn on your arms and looks stuuning when worn with short or sleeveless clothes.

WAISTBAND - Known as kamar-bandh in hindi, this is worn over saris usually to accentuate the waist.Thin ones look elegant while heavy ones look traditional.

MAANG TIKA - Worn on the forehead in between the parting of your hair. This piece of jewel looks min-blowing with traditional attires such as lehengas.

CUFF -  Instead of going for kadas or N number of thin bangles, opt for a statement cuff for a no-fuss yet traditional look.

HAATH-PHOOL -  Haathphool is an ornament that is adorned on your wring and wrist. The ring and the bracelet are attached with a string that sits on the back of your hand.

TOE-RING -  usually worn by married women in India, this sets pretty on the toes and accentuates your feet as well as footwear.

STATEMENT RINGS/NECKPIECE/EARRINGS - These are called statement because of their opulent design. But caution must be taken that the statement neckpiece and earrings should never be worn together.It makes for a clumsy and over-the-top look.
statement ring(via)
                                                                 statement earrings(via)

statement necklace (via)

HAIR ACCESSORIES- Jewels here not only adorns your body, but also your hair. Parandis are a staple of Punjab and are a must have if you want to channel a Punjabi gal look. Embellished hair pins in gold are also available and are popular down south.


Next post will be on the attire. Stay tuned

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